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Powershop gives you complete control and the power to save

 Like to avoid paying more than you have to? Get your savings up and running right from the get go and save up to £170 compared with the big 6. It’s the same electricity, but ours costs you less. Take a look at our savings table below to see how much you could save compared to the big 6.

Based on the average annual costs compared with the top 6 UK energy providers standard tariffs supplying electricity only in mainland UK. The average annual cost is based on a standard tariff single rate meter customer with a typical annual average electricity consumption of 3,100kWh paying by direct debit. Includes the annual direct debit discounts and VAT at the reduced rate of 5%. Actual annual costs will vary according to region, consumption and meter type. Savings for individual customers will vary and figures are rounded down. Prices correct as at 7th September 2017.

Easy Saver Promise

The more Powerpacks you use the more you’ll save – right. But what if you miss a few? Well we still want to make sure you save – that’s why we will give you a personal price promise. So even if you don’t buy any Powerpacks at all you could still save up to £95 compared to the big 6*.

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