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Sign up to Powershop and know you're in control. Powershop aims to engage you and save you money, and our Easy Saver Promise will give you confidence while you try us out. We believe that when our customers shop online and buy our Powerpacks they start to understand their use and feel in control. If you buy Powerpacks to cover your usage, you’ll actually pay a cheaper price than our Promise. If you don't, we look after you by making sure that, over your first year with Powershop, the most you will pay for your electricity is the Easy Saver Promise price or we’ll make good any difference. All quotes are based on the information you gave us at sign-up.

Switching is incredibly easy! 

Perhaps best of all, Powershop makes switching incredibly easy. Go on, you've got nothing to lose except a great big chunk off your bill. You can do it now - it only takes a few minutes. If you’re not satisfied with Powershop after 90 days we will help you to switch back to your old retailer and refund any unused electricity, no quibbles.

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Why do we give your our Easy Saver Promise?

You can beat our Easy Saver Promise price by buying bundles of electricity (called Powerpacks) through our app or in our online shop. We do this so that when you are purchasing Powerpacks, you see your usage and have a better understanding of it and how you can control it. Plus it’s a chance for us to have fun and surprise you.


We understand that this is a new way to buy your electricity, that’s why we are offering you the security of knowing you won't lose out on saving money while you're trying it out. We're confident you'll love our shop and get a good deal - and know you'll love our fantastic UK-based customer service, which will replicate our award-winning service in Australia and New Zealand. The Easy Saver Promise means we can show you how great Powershop is – while giving you our promise you’ll get a great price too. 


To help show you how it works, we will support you over your first year, by checking now and then if you've missed out on Powerpack offers and periodically send you extra Powerpacks to catch back up. After your first year, we’ll check one last time that you’ve beaten your Easy Saver Promise price, and make good with any difference. Then you’ll be a full-fledged Powershopper and you will be free to shop as little or as much as you choose to save over our standard price (which is still pretty great).


Easy saver 

How does it work? (for the numbers geeks)

The Easy Saver Promise is a commitment to a unit rate (£/kWh) and standing charge (£/day) which we offered you on sign up and is multiplied by the energy consumption you entered for the quote. The offer isn’t a commitment to an annual cost regardless of how much you use. This means that if you use more, you have to pay more, or if you use less you’ll pay less (you can’t just leave all of your lights on all year for free unfortunately).

An Example:

If the Easy Saver Promise was calculated on a standing charge of £0/day and a unit rate of £0.10/kWh and you entered 1000 kWhs as your annual usage your Easy Saver Promise price quote would be displayed as a £100 annual cost. If you actually used 2000 kWhs instead of the 1000 kWhs you entered for your quote, we would make good any difference if you paid more than £200 rather than the £100 initially quoted.

Will I see the details of the Easy Saver Promise in my online account or bill?

No. You’ll see a confirmation of the Easy Saver Promise offer at sign up and in your welcome documentation but it won’t be visible in your online account, in your mobile app or on your bill. This is because the rates which make up the Easy Saver Promise are the effective rates you will pay for all of your electricity over your first year with Powershop, either because you purchase Powerpacks as they are made available, or because we make good your account if you’ve forgotten to.

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