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Power the way you want it

Forget everything you know about buying energy for your home. We’ve ripped up the rule book to bring you a whole new experience.


Powershop sells electricity in packs of power called Powerpacks. Powerpacks come in lots of sizes and prices so you can buy as little or as much energy as you want at any time. Our smartphone app and online organiser both show you how long your Powerpacks will last, based on your recent power use.


Top Up Packs

Top Up Packs give you power to use immediately. These are tailored to your energy use and are always there for you to use as little or as often as you’d like.

Special Packs

Special Packs offer you extra discounts off our standard prices. They’re surprising little special offers that we send through every now and again to put a smile on your face and a quid or two in your pocket.

Future Packs

Future Packs are full of power to use later, allowing you to budget ahead and spread the cost. If you’ve got a bit of cash now you can buy a pack for say 3 months time. You’ll get peace of mind, whilst saving yourself some money.

Take control of your energy

Instead of paying for your energy only after your bill arrives, Powershop gives you so much more control and choice. Use your online account or our smartphone app to:

  • Buy discounted energy with special Powerpacks whenever they’re available
  • Pay for your energy when you want – up front or after you’ve used it each month
  • Buy future Powerpacks to use in future months to help smooth out your annual energy costs

Control your energy use

Powershop shows you how much energy you use and when you use it. Our online tools and smartphone app give you all the information you need in an easy to understand way:

  • Enter a meter read regularly online or on our mobile app to instantly update and track the activities that are driving your energy use
  • Have control over your energy costs by making more informed decisions about how you use energy
  • Know exactly how much energy you’re using by entering a meter read any time online or on our app to instantly update your usage data


The illustration above is based on daily meter reads being uploaded into the app. 

Power at your fingertips

Keep an eye on your account anywhere, anytime with online or with our mobile app. Check your energy use on the go and find out when there’s a new special Powerpack on offer to pick up savings in an instant.

Set up notifications so there are no surprises in the future. You'll know exactly when your next payment is coming out or when our meter reader is due to visit.

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