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Find out what makes us different

What makes us different?

At Powershop, we make energy simpler. We’ve done away with surprise bills and unexpected payments. Instead, our customers pay for the energy they use each month by making the most of the special offers we send. We call these special offers Powerpacks. The more Powerpacks you use, the less you’ll pay.



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Save more with Powerpacks

A Powerpack is a set amount of energy that you can buy at a discounted price. Powerpacks come in different shapes and sizes, from discounts on a small amount of energy to discounts on a whole week’s worth.

Every time you buy a Powerpack you save against your Baseline tariff.

Prefer to pay in the traditional way, with fixed monthly payments? Check out Powershop Lite >

Sound good? It gets better!

Find out how you could make big savings by changing the way you buy your energy.

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Not only are we saving lots, but we are totally in control of our energy.

No more estimated bills, and no more ridiculous direct debits. You pay for what you actually use and you know exactly how much you are using. If you’re happy to buy energy differently, and be in charge of your spending, Powershop is definitely the right choice.

- from Netopyrka

Ready to switch?

Switching from your current energy provider to Powershop is simple. A few minutes of your time is all it takes. Sign up online and we’ll do the rest. We’ll even tell your current energy provider, so you don’t have to break the bad news.

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