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Easy Saver Promise Terms & Conditions

Easy Saver Promise Terms & Conditions

The Easy Saver Promise works out the maximum annual cost of your electricity with Powershop over the next year at your property based on the standing daily charge (£/day) and unit rate (£/kWh) and the usage information you provided. You can beat your Easy Saver Promise price by buying Powerpacks to make savings versus our standard rate.

The reconciliation to make good against your Easy Saver Promise will be performed after the end of your first year with Powershop. The calculation will be as explained below. If you have done better than what you were promised nothing will happen (except perhaps getting a note to say well done).

If you haven’t managed to beat your Easy Saver Promise, we will make good on any difference before the end of your thirteenth month with Powershop at the latest or a bit later if you haven’t yet been billed. We may make good on the difference in your account with credit, a discounted Powerpack (e.g. £10 of energy for £1) purchased on your behalf (auto-purchase), or some combination of the two. We may also start giving you credit, or discounted Powerpacks in advance of the end of your first year to keep you on track.

The Easy Saver Promise offer does not apply if within a year of becoming a customer:

(A) you switch away from Powershop or move to a new property supplied by Powershop;

(B) at the time we calculate any difference owed on your Easy Saver Promise, you owe Powershop more than £100 which is at least 60 days overdue (whether on this property or another property).

If your metering configuration changes through the year (whether due to a change you request, an error we discover, or for any other reason) then we will use our best endeavours to replicate the price you would have paid across both meters. This offer is not available in conjunction with any other promotional offers available through Powershop from time to time with the exception of friend get friend referrals. This offer is only available while it is visible on our webpage or via our sales partners.

How does it work? (for the numbers geeks)

The Easy Saver Promise is a commitment to a unit rate (£/kWh) and standing charge (£/day) which we offered you on sign up and is multiplied by the energy consumption you entered for the quote. The offer isn’t a commitment to an annual cost regardless of how much you use. This means that if you use more, you have to pay more, or if you use less you’ll pay less (you can’t just leave all of your lights on all year for free unfortunately).

An Example:

If the Easy Saver Promise was calculated on a standing charge of £0/day and a unit rate of £0.10/kWh and you entered 1000 kWhs as your annual usage your Easy Saver Promise price quote would be displayed as a £100 annual cost. If you actually used 2000 kWhs instead of the 1000 kWhs you entered for your quote, we would make good any difference if you paid more than £200 rather than the £100 initially quoted.

Will I see the details of the Easy Saver Promise in my online account or bill?

No. You’ll see a confirmation of the Easy Saver Promise offer at sign up and in your welcome documentation but it won’t be visible in your online account, in your mobile app or on your bill. This is because the rates which make up the Easy Saver Promise are the effective rates you will pay for all of your electricity over your first year with Powershop, either because you purchase Powerpacks as they are made available, or because we make good your account if you’ve forgotten to.


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