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*Based on the average annual Easy Saver Promise costs compared with the top 6 UK energy providers standard tariffs supplying electricity only in mainland UK. Prices correct as at 19th January 2018.

We give a personal Easy Saver Promise to each and every new Powershop customer

We want to make sure that you save with Powershop, that’s why when you get a quote from us we will give you a personal Easy Saver Promise. Simply – this is the maximum amount you’ll spend on your electricity with us.

How does it work?

Fill your details

Use our quote form to tell us about your current electricity use

Get your Easy Saver Promise

We’ll send you a quote. Here you’ll see your Easy Saver Promise – we’ll tell you the maximum amount you will pay for your electricity with Powershop based on the usage you’ve told us.

Sign up to Easy Saver Promise?

Sign up to Powershop and we’ll commit to the standing charge at unit rate we gave you in your Easy Saver Promise.

Start buying your energy

Become a Powershop customer, buy Powerpacks when you want or just pay monthly for what you use.

We'll check in

We’ll check-in on you at the end of your 12 months (or every now and then along the way) to see how you’re doing.

Due a credit?

If you’ve spent less than your promise then that’s excellent! If you’ve spent more than your Promise then no problem - we’ll credit your account and make good on our word regardless of any changes in pricing in the meantime

Got a question?

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Top Questions

  • Q:

    How do you “make good” on your promise?

  • A:

    If you pay more than the Easy Saver Promise price over the first year we’ll credit your account with a “Powershop Credit” that you can use towards future purchases. Or we‘ll make good the difference with a specially discounted Powerpack to cover the shortfall.

  • Q:

    What happens if I leave before the 12 months is up?

  • A:

    The Easy Saver Promise only applies to customers who remain with us for 12 months. If you switch to another supplier during this time it is no longer valid. So, you will not receive a credit if you have paid more than the Easy Saver Promise price should you choose to leave.

  • Q:

    Will I save the same amount every month?

  • A:

    Powerpack discounts are weighted to allow you can save more during the months when energy usage is typically at its highest. So, how much you can save will vary from month to month. This is reflected in your payments, which will go up and down based on your usage and the Powerpacks you buy.

Beat our Easy Saver Promise

We still let you beat your Easy Saver Promise - the more you take us up on the special offers we send (called Powerpacks) then the more you can save - but we promise you won't pay more.

Beat your Easy Saver Promise

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