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EV Pro terms and conditions

Electric Vehicle Promotional Terms and Conditions


A. Experience: Powershop EV Pro

Congratulations! You’ve opted for the Powershop Pro experience with Powerpack discounts, variable monthly payments and usage insights.  If you find it’s not for you, we can move you on to another product more suited to your needs.

These terms and conditions are in addition to and do not replace your standard terms for supplying electricity and gas to domestic customers (Customer Terms and Conditions) a copy which should have been provided to you and also available from

Terms defined in the Customer Terms and Conditions shall have the same meaning in these additional terms.  If there is any conflict between these terms and the Customer Terms and Conditions these terms will prevail.

B. Your chosen tariff

Powershop EV pro offers a fixed rate for 2 years.  Your charges will be a single standing charge and a unit rate basis and will be based on our current EV pro baseline prices. 

This tariff is matched with 100% renewable electricity.

Powershop will match 100% of your consumption of electricity in each period (“Fuel Disclosure Period”) of 12 months from 1 April to 31 March (or part of that period) that you are on Powershop EV pro by purchasing subject to availability the equivalent REGO’s (Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origins Certificates) in relation to all of the electricity you consume. 

Powershop will do this matching between 1st April and 1st July after the end of such Fuel Disclosure Period.  (the Matching Period) and will ensure it has purchased the applicable number of certificates. 

In relation to your gas consumption you will be charged at your agreed unit rate during the fixed term period at the point of sign up.

During your fixed term period, you will be able to benefit from discounts available through purchasing Powerpacks which will be a discount from the bill value. 

On your Tariff Information Label which you’ll receive when becoming a customer you will see your First Year Rates along with one other set of rates.

EV Pro baseline tariff:  This is the rate that you would pay if you do not purchase Powerpacks during the Term.  Discounts on Powerpacks are displayed as discounts from this rate.

EV Pro Top Shopper : This is the best rate that you could achieve by buying all the Powerpacks available to you, or enough Powerpacks to cover your usage each month. These rates are calculated assuming your consumption information given to us by the industry is accurate.

Powerpacks are sized for the best estimate of consumption that we have for you based on what you told us at sign up and our industry sources.  If this information is incorrect, packs may be under or oversized for you.  This would mean you could either under or over achieve on the EV Pro Top Shopper rates.

During your first 12 months with us, we reserve the right to periodically review your account.  We may suggest Powerpacks for you to buy to bring you back on track or even, entirely at our discretion make an interim credit to your account. 

C. Eligibility

In order to take up and remain on EV Pro you must:

  • Own or lease an Electric Vehicle (we reserve the right to carry out validity checks)
  • Be a domestic customer
  • Provide vehicle make, model, colour and registration number to us when requested
  • Pay variable monthly payments and top up by buying powerpacks to benefit from the discounts available
  • Our annual consumption should not exceed 20,120 kWh annually. If it does we reserve the right to transfer you on to another fixed term tariff.

If you do not meet any of these eligibility criteria above or do not comply with the terms of this , we may end your contract with us and transfer you on to a new agreement on a non EV product with a fixed term which may not include the benefit of Powerpack discounts. 

D. When is any refund calculated?

The calculation of any refund will be performed at the end of your first 12 months as a Powershop customer and be paid as a credit to your account during the billing cycle following the end of the 12 months. 

E. How do we make the refund?

Any refund due is made by way of either a credit to your Powershop account in the amount of the refund, a discount on the price of a Powerpack in the amount of your refund or a combination of both. 

The refund will be made only as a credit to your Powershop account.  There is no cash alternative for either the whole or part of a refund due, even if you are no longer a Powershop customer. 

F. When will any Refund be made?

The refund will be made during the first full billing period following the end of your first 12 months as a Powershop customer. 

G. What happens after my Fixed term comes to an end?

If after the end of the your EV pro plan– we continue to supply you with electricity and or gas, we will place you on a relevant fixed term default tariff which may be more expensive than your current offer. 

You will still be able to access Powerpack discounts to achieve a lower EV Top Shopper rate which will be updated at the same time.

We will notify you of your new EV Pro prices (or other applicable) prices and the associated estimated annual costs You will pay before the end of Your current EV pro baseline tariff as required by our regulatory obligations.

The new EV Pro prices will be payable from the end of the relevant notice period for a period of 12 months, unless We present to you another offer and alternative terms (including prices and estimated annual costs) that We feel may be suitable, and You agree to sign up to those alternative terms.  


  1. Failure to pass any validity checks to confirm you own or lease an Electric Vehicle will result in you being moved onto an alternative suitable product.  To confirm you own or lease an EV you must provide the vehicle make and model together with the registration number.  We also reserve the right to request proof that you own or lease the vehicle by requesting the relevant documentation.

  2. This offer is not available in conjunction with any other promotional offers available from time to time through Powershop, with the exception of any customer referral promotion.

  3. This offer is only available while it is visible on our webpages or via our sales partners. 

H. Changing your mind

You can cancel your agreement with us within 14 days from the date when we tell you that we have agreed to supply you under Powershop EV Pro. To cancel simply contact our call centre on 0800 009 3719 (free from mobiles and generally free from landlines) or email us at we may monitor and or record calls for security, quality or training purposes. 

If You cancel this agreement with us and continue to take supply from us, We will continue to supply you on our EV Pro Baseline tariff at the point of sign up for the fixed period. 

I. Moving home

If you move home you may be able to transfer this Agreement to your new home when you tell us about your change of address; and

  • You let us know you would like to transfer the Promotional Terms and Conditions to your new home when you tell us about your change of address: and
  • We reach a mutual agreement to continue with the Promotional Terms and Conditions at your new home.

If we agree a transfer with you, the prices you will pay for your supplies for the rest of the tariff Period will be the prices under the Powershop EV pro applicable to your new home. Those prices may be different from the prices in your present home due to regional variations in our prices or different metering.  

If you do not transfer it to your new home these Promotional terms will come to an end. 

J. Changing your tariff or supplier

You may end these Promotional Terms and Conditions or switch supplier without giving us any notice and we will not apply a termination fee. 

If you change your tariff during the fixed period for an alternative Powershop tariff you will no longer be eligible for the EV Fixed Pro offer and will be supplied under the terms of your new tariff. You will pay all charges under this Agreement until you are moved onto your new Powershop tariff.  You will not be able to switch back to the EV Fixed Pro offer at any point in the future.

If you switch supplier as a result of our notice to you prior to the end of the fixed period and we receive formal notice of a switch then until you leave you will pay all charges as per these Promotional terms and Conditions.