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Fixed Term Tariff Terms & Conditions

Promotional Terms and Conditions for our Fixed Term Tariff products

Powershop Lite

Congratulations! You have chosen the Powershop Lite experience. This is a traditional energy supply experience with Fixed monthly payments with an online experience and no paper bills.

If you’d like to have access to additional discounts by purchasing Powerpacks, you may upgrade at a later date to Powershop Pro. However these have full variable monthly payments which means you would pay much more in winter than in summer. Please see below for details.

These Terms and Conditions are supplemental and in addition to and do not replace our Standard Terms. These Promotional Terms and Conditions together with the Standard Terms form the Tariff Agreement under which electricity and / or gas is supplied to You. A copy of the Standard Terms will have been provided to You with these Terms and are also available from

If there is any conflict between these Terms and the Standard Terms, these Terms will prevail.


A. Eligibility for our Fixed Term Tariff Product

In order to take up and remain on Our Online Price Fix July 2019 tariff you must:

  • be a domestic customer;
  • take your supply through a credit meter,
  • pay on the tariff where Our charges are wholly based on a standing charge and a single rate metered supply domestic tariff (or two unit rate metered economy 7 tariff for electricity)

If at any time you do not meet these criteria we will not accept your switch to our supply or on this product.


B. What is included in our Fixed Term Tariff Products?

• Length

This Tariff Agreement continues from the date when our supply on your property begins on this Fixed Term Tariff for 365 days, or any earlier date on which You change Your tariff, or You do not meet the eligibility criteria and Your Tariff Agreement ends, or You terminate this Tariff Agreement as provided below. The length of time this Tariff Agreement lasts is Your Term.


• Charges during the Term

Our price for electricity and / or gas will be the price (standing charge and unit rate(s)) indicated in your quote and Tariff Information Label and will be fixed during Your Term unless You change address, meter type or payment method, in which case the price You pay may change as mentioned above.

If We provide You with incorrect prices in error We can choose not to go ahead with this Tariff Agreement which means We may end it and We will offer You a new agreement with the correct prices.

• Charges after the Term

If at the end of Your Term, We continue to supply You with electricity and / or gas, we will send you a notification, with a link to your product end notice which will detail the tariff options available to you, within the appropriate notice period (which is set out in line with our regulatory obligations). If you do nothing we will put you on another Fixed Term Tariff which may differ in length and price, without exit fees which you can move from at any time. We will notify You of Your new prices and the associated estimated annual costs You will pay before the end of Your Term as required by our regulatory obligations.

The new prices will be payable from the end of the relevant notice period, unless You select a different offer and alternative terms (including prices and estimated annual costs) and You agree to sign up to those alternative terms.

• Exit fees

This Fixed Term Tariff does not have exit fees.


C. Changing your mind

You can cancel this Tariff Agreement up to 14 days from the date when We tell you that We have agreed to supply You under the this Promotion. No Early Exit Fee (see below) will be payable if You do so. You can email us at or phone us on 0800 009 3719. You can also write to Us at Powershop, 9th Floor, Quayside Tower, 252-260 Broad Street, Birmingham, B1 2HF.


D. Moving Home

If You move home You may be able to transfer this Promotion to Your new home if You continue to meet the eligibility criteria and:

  • You let us know that You would like to transfer this Promotion to Your new home when You tell us about Your change of address; and
  • We reach a mutual agreement to continue with this Tariff Agreement at Your new home.

If We agree a transfer with You, the prices You will pay for Your supplies for the rest of Your Tariff Term will be the original prices under the Fixed Term Tariff Promotion applicable to Your new home. Those prices may be different from the prices in Your present home, due for example to regional variations in our prices or different metering.

If You do not transfer it to Your new home this Promotion will end.


E. Changing Supplier

You may end this Tariff Agreement or switch supplier without giving Us any form of notice.

If You change Your tariff during Your Term for an alternative Promotion You will no longer be eligible for Your original Fixed Term Tariff and will be supplied under the terms of Your new tariff. You may not be able to switch back to your original Fixed Term Tariff at any point in the future.

If You switch supplier as a result of Our notice to You prior to the end of Your Term, and We receive formal notice of a switch within the relevant period, then until You leave You will continue to be charged for the supply of electricity and / or gas as set out in this Tariff Agreement. We’ll give you details of all relevant periods when we notify you at the time.

If You change tariff with Us following that notice and prior to the end of the Your Term then You will pay the charges as per this Tariff Agreement until You move to Your new tariff.


F. Other Restrictions

1. This offer is not available in conjunction with any other promotional offers available from time to time through Powershop, with the exception of any customer referral promotion.

2. This offer is only available while it is visible on our webpage or via our sales partners.


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