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Make extra savings with Powerpacks

Every time you buy a Powerpack your monthly bill will go down with Powershop Pro. The more you buy - the more you’ll save.

Examples are for illustration purposes only

What is a Powerpack?

To put it simply, a Powerpack is a special offer. It’s a set amount of energy that you can buy, here and now, at a discounted price.

How it works

We release 4 or 5 different Powerpacks every month and notify you as soon as they are available. Each one is different. One may cover one days’ worth of energy, another four days.

Every time you buy a Powerpack this saving will come off your monthly bill. Buy as many Powerpacks as you want, if you buy more energy than you use in one month the rest will roll over as credit. The more you buy, the more you’ll save!

How to buy Powerpacks

Shopping for Powerpacks couldn’t be simpler. Log into your account on our website or app and you’ll find all the available Powerpacks in our shop. We’ll also tell you every time a new Powerpack is added.

Each one is clearly marked so you can see: how much energy you will get, how long this should last – and how much you will save.


Examples are for illustration purposes only

To buy one, just click ‘add to cart’ and then ‘buy.’ Payment will be taken straight away and the discount will be credited to your next bill.


Different types of Powerpacks

There are three different types of Powerpack to choose from:



Future Pack

Future Packs enable you to buy energy in advance, so you can plan ahead

Special Pack

Special packs offer ‘special’ discounts that are only available for a limited time

Top up Pack

Top up packs are always available, so you can chip away at your monthly bill 

Only buy them if you want to

Powerpacks aren’t 'pay as you go'. You don’t have to buy them to pay for your energy. We’ll charge you for the energy you use each month at our baseline rate.

If you buy Powerpacks the discount will be taken off your bill; if you don’t, you’ll still be paying a competitive rate, but you won’t benefit from any extra savings.

Don't sit back and await a bill.
Be proactive.

Buy as many heavily discounted packs as you can. It works. Once you understand and you're constantly buying cheap electricity you won't look back. Buying a few months in advance gives incredible savings.

- from Taf Rock

See how much you could save