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Meet our happy customers

Don’t just hear our words about how great Powershop is. Hear it from the people who are already loving the Powershop experience in New Zealand…

I live with a bunch of mid-20s professionals. Powershop’s perfect for us. We buy power in advance, so we’re not stuck with big bills over the winter.
Maurice and Hannah
The switch was easy, Powershop did everything for us. The website is simple to use and we’re definitely saving money.
Maurice & Hannah
Sarah Aukland
The new app is very slick. I’m impressed. Nice work!
Sarah Auckland
Jodie Rodney
LOVE the new app…This is exactly what is needed!
Jodie, Rodney
Chris Waitakere
Just got a new iPhone and installed your app; thank you for making it! Love the special pack notifications, very handy!
Chris, Waitakere
I used to have confusing paper bills, now its all on my phone where I can understand my usage and have complete control.
Steve & Sue

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