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Three good reasons to refer your friends to Powershop

Imagine one of your friends came up and asked you whether they should switch to Powershop, what would you say? “Brilliant, go for it.” Something like that? Of course, you would. You’re enjoying the benefits of being a Powershop customer; they should too. The only thing is, they’re not that likely to ask, because they probably don’t know that you’re with us (buying electricity isn’t really something you talk about over a glass of Prosecco, is it?).

So, to encourage people to spread the word we’re offering a little incentive. Right now, we’ll give you £25 for every one of your friends that switches to us – up to a maximum of £150! And, we’ll give each one of them £25 too. That’s a lot of money, especially with Christmas on the way. But, it’s not just about cold, hard cash. We genuinely believe referring your friends to Powershop will make you feel good. Here’s why:

1. They’re your friends, right?

You share everything with them: Cosy evenings in, crazy nights out. Your favourite box sets, a mutual love of chocolate. Even, those stories you swore you’d never tell anyone. So, why wouldn’t you share the benefits of being a Powershop customer with them too? You like the same music. You enjoy the same movies. You’re into the same food. There’s every chance they’ll love our way of buying energy, just like you.

2. We don’t do dull

Remember how excited you felt when you first signed up with Powershop? OK, maybe it wasn’t quite up there with the moment you got the keys to your first home, or the day you passed your driving test. But it was good, wasn’t it? Knowing you’d finally taken control. Buying your first Powerpack. Watching the dial on your app change from (red to green?). You don’t get those moments with any other energy supplier. There’s nothing exciting about fixed monthly payments, or more infuriating than unexpected bills, which is all your friends have got to look forward to. Unless of course, some knight in shining armour comes to their rescue, or more realistically, one of their besties shows them a better way.

3. You can do more stuff together

OK, maybe we’re coming back to money again here, but it does make the world go round. So, think about it. If you and your friends are paying less for your energy, you’ll all have more money to spend on doing, whatever it is you enjoy doing. And, better still, more to spend on each other! Plus, you’ll also have even more in common and even more to talk about. You can’t ask for more than that!

So now you know why, here’s how.

Like everything else with Powershop, referring your friends is easy. All you need to do is log into your account, from your desktop or via our mobile app, and select Refer a Friend from the menu. You can share your personal referral link with as many people as you choose, by email, text, Facebook or Twitter. Just ask yourself: Who do I know that would like to save money on their energy bills? Or, more to the point, who wouldn’t? And that’s it, you’ve done your bit. Well almost. The way we sell electricity is completely different to anything your friends may have come across before. So, they may have a few questions: What’s a Powerpack? How does the Easy Saver Promise work? That sort of thing. If there’s anything you’re unsure about, just point them in the direction of our Customer Services team – they’ll be happy to help.


To read more about 'Refer a friend' click here


We’re always improving our service with new products, fuel options and new ways to make buying energy easierIn spring 2018, we launched Dual Fuel and introduced Powershop Lite, for customers who want to pay for their energy in a more traditional way. Some of our older blogs may not include all of these latest goodies – if in doubt our Questions page is always a good place to start.