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Pricing & Fees

Sign up to Powershop and you’ll get one of the best energy deals around.

Get our best price with Powershop Pro

When you join Powershop Pro, you don’t just get a good deal with your energy tariff, you also get the chance to make extra savings with special offers called Powerpacks.

Our Baseline energy price

As a Powershop Pro customer, you get a fixed unit rate for your energy. This is your Baseline tariff*. The other big difference with Powershop Pro is that your monthly payments are not set, they will go up and down, because we only charge you for the energy you use – and no more. We think that’s fairer, don’t you? 

 *Joined us before April 2018? 
Take a look at your prices here

Enter your meter readings regularly

The more meter readings you give; the more accurate your bills will be. You can enter them in seconds on our website or app.  



Powerpack discounts

 Use our Powerpack discounts to make savings every week with Powershop Pro. A Powerpack is a special offer, which allows you to buy a set amount of energy at a discounted price. When you buy one you’ll pay the discounted rate for that energy rather than the baseline tariff rate. Buy more and you’ll save more!

Find out more about Powerpacks

Make extra savings every week

Every time you buy a Powerpack your monthly bill will go down. It's that simple - the more you buy; the more you’ll save.


Prefer a traditional payment method?

Like the sound of Powershop but prefer to pay in the traditional way with fixed monthly payments?

Take a look at Powershop Lite our more traditional fixed monthly payment option > 

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New to Powershop Pro?

We want to make sure you get the best electricity and gas prices from us.
So, to help you get used to our new way of buying energy, we give you the Powershop Pro First Year Promise. 

We've got you covered for
your first year!

The First Year Promise is the maximum amount you’ll pay over the first year you’re a Powershop Pro customer, based on the usage details you gave us to get your quote.

So, if it takes you a while to get the hang of buying Powerpacks, it’s no problem. If you pick it up straight away, that’s even better - you could pay even less than the promised price and save even more!

Find out more about the First Year Promise

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