Powershop the company

Powershop the company

  • What does Powershop do?

    Powershop is the UK’s smartest energy retailer, selling electricity and dual fuel (electricity and gas) on its website and maintaining an engaged, responsive online-based customer service. We supply energy to homes right across the UK.

  • Who is Powershop UK?

    We landed in the UK in 2017 with the backing of npower, one of the country’s largest energy providers. We’re fiercely independent and run as an independent business but use npower’s buying power to introduce a new way of buying energy to UK consumers. Having the backing of a large secure provider like npower means you have the reassurance that we’re a reliable, credible supplier of energy, alongside the promise of an opportunity to have a new, flexible and exciting way of buying electricity and gas.

  • What makes Powershop so different?

    Powershop was founded on the belief that buying energy could be made simpler, friendlier, more transparent and, believe it or not, more fun!

    We want you to be engaged and empowered. So, we make it easy to understand the energy you use on our website and smartphone app.

    We also give you a choice of how you buy your energy: With fixed monthly payments (Powershop Lite); or on demand (Powershop Pro), just like we buy our food in supermarkets or fuel for our cars.

    Whatever works for you, works for us. With Powershop - the power is in your hands.

  • What’s our relationship with npower?

    Powershop UK is owned by npower, but run as a separate, independent company. This means we are able to offer our customers a fresh and different experience, plus the buying power, financial stability and industry credibility of a big six energy provider.