Moving House Gas and Electricity - FAQ

Moving House Gas and Electricity - FAQ

  • How do I move home with Powershop?

    If you've already had an email from E.ON Next confirming that you are in the process of moving over to them, please let them know your new details. If you would like to switch away, you may need to wait until your account is fully set up with E.ON Next, but they will be able to assist you with this. If you haven't heard from E.ON Next yet, then let us know about your move as soon as possible. Remember, don’t forget to take a reading on the day of your move.

  • How do I enter a final meter reading?

    When you move out of your old property you’ll need to give us a final meter reading, or E.ON Next if you've already been told that your account has been moved over. Just follow the contact details they've provided to you, or if you haven't moved to E.ON Next yet, you can do this on our website or app up to 3 days after you move out. Simply log into your Powershop account, select ‘Read meter’ from the menu and the address details for both of your properties will appear on screen. Select your old address, enter your reading and that’s it – you’re done. If you don't have internet access, just give us a call on 0800 009 3719. We’re open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

  • What happens if I've moved in and my supply is off?

    Before you do anything else, check that the previous occupier hasn’t switched the supply off at the mains. If this is the case all you have to do is turn it on and you’re sorted. If they haven’t, call us on 0800 009 3719 and we’ll get you back up and running as soon as we can. There may be a delay in supply and a reconnection fee (see prices and fees) if the property has been disconnected for a significant time.