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Do your friends a favour

Recommend your friends to Powershop and we’ll credit your Powershop account with £25 for each one who joins, up to a maximum of £150! We’ll also give each one of your friends a £25 credit, so they’re quids in too. It’s as easy as riding a bike. Well, easier actually.

Here's how it works

You share our Refer a Friend link with your friends

And, that’s it your bit’s done.

They fill in our online quote form using your link

You know how simple that is. They just need to tell us about their current energy usage and we’ll do the rest, including contacting their existing supplier.

We give them our Easy Saver Promise

So, they know the maximum they will pay for the energy they use over the first year, and how much more they could save by buying Powerpacks.

We open our shop to them

Once your friends join Powershop they’ll be able to make savings against our standard variable rate by shopping for Powerpacks, just like you.

We credit their account with £25

We’ll credit your friend’s account within one working day of their switch being completed.

We credit your account with £25

You’ll receive notification that your account has been credited on the same day.

Got a question?

We’d like to hear it, because we’d love to answer it. Call us now or ask us to call you at a time that’s best for you.

0800 009 3719*

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Top Questions

  • Q:

    How do I refer a friend?

  • A:

    To refer a friend all you need to do is log into your account on our website or app. Select Refer a Friend, copy your personal referral link, and share it. You can do this via Facebook, Twitter, email or text.

  • Q:

    How many friends can I refer?

  • A:

    You can share the link with as many people as you like. Just ask yourself: Who do I know that would like to save money on their energy bills? Or, more to the point, who wouldn’t?

  • Q:

    How will I receive my £25?

  • A:

    £25 will be credited to your Powershop account each time one of your friends switch to Powershop. Your friends account will be credited with £25 at the same time.

Referrer Terms and Conditions

During the promotion period, you will receive a credit to your Powershop account worth £25.00 (the Referral Fee), subject to the promotion conditions below for each friend who switches to Powershop.

Any qualifying person you refer will also receive a credit worth £25.00 to their Powershop account, subject to the promotion conditions.


To receive the Referral Fee, you must at the time you make the referral, be a customer of Powershop as defined in your Supply Agreement and have referred a friend using the link provided.

If you refer a friend and you are not a customer of Powershop, you will not be entitled to receive any Referral Fee under this promotion, even if the person you refer becomes a customer of Powershop.

Your £25 credit will only be payable if your friend uses the link provided by you to switch.

The Scheme

How much will I receive?

For each friend you refer to us during the promotion period (12:01 am on the 18th September 2017 to 11:59 pm on the 31st March 2018), who satisfies the terms of the promotion, we will credit your Powershop account with the Referral Fee, up to a maximum of £150.

The Referral Fee is made only as a credit to your Powershop account and you must be a customer at the time the Referral Fee is due to be credited to your Powershop account.

The Referral Fee is paid by way of a credit to your account only. There is no cash alternative available.

The Referral Fee will be set against the debit balance on your Powershop account at the time the credit is made.


When will the Referral Fee be Credited to my Account?

Once the Friend you refer has been accepted as a customer of Powershop and the transfer of their energy account to Powershop has been completed, the Referral Fee will be credited to your Powershop account within one working day.

You will receive notification the Referral Fee has been credited to your Powershop account in your account review emails.


How Many Friends can I refer?

You can refer as many friends as you wish as long as you use the referral link we provide. However, you will only receive a maximum of £150.

Powershop reserve the right to withdraw this promotion at any time.

Earn up to £150

The sooner you start sharing - the sooner you’ll start earning. You can refer your friends via Facebook, Twitter, email or text. Simply log into your account to get your personal referral link.

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